Hi, I'm Hanmin!

I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Toronto. I'm mainly interested in back-end development and systems programming, but I'm always looking to learn new things!

Currently, I am doing an internship at Roblox at the San Mateo office. In the fall, I will be doing an internship at Citadel in New York. Learn more in the experience section.

In my free time, I am working on a custom compiler written in Rust to convert my Ingot programming language to Minecraft's .mcfunction format.


This Minecraft 3D graphing calculator is hypnotic and beautiful

PC Gamer article by Rich Stanton

Thank you Rich Stanton for this wonderful article! I'm glad you enjoyed the calculator as much as I enjoyed making it.

This project has been incredible; I built the initial prototype several years ago after having some unanswered questions in my 11th grade math class. Since then, it has been featured on PC Gamer, Gry-Online, gamepressure, Destructoid, GameSpark, and more. Additionally, since its launch in March 2020, the calculator has been viewed 9.6 million times, and downloaded over 8.2 thousand times.

The project was featured on 6/18/2020 on minecraft.net and subsequently been available on the Minecraft Realms subscription service.

Through several iterations of the calculator, I've learnt a lot about data structures and algorithms, in addition to several numerical methods. I learnt a lot about floating point arithmetic while implementing it in .mcfunction, and I've learnt a lot about several obscure computational algorithms.

This work by Hanmin Kim is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Copyright 2024 Hanmin Kim.